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We have helped over 370 satisfied clients receive significant rewards to be made whole after they had been wronged. Being only a small 2 attorney office, we have still been able to collect several 7 figure verdicts, awards, and settlements.


High Speed Police Chase Accident

$622,500 settlement in an uninsured personal injury/wrongful death
case.An appropriate recovery was obtained for all occupants of the


Failure to Monitor

$1,534,000. Medical malpractice/wrongful death. Decedent, age 44 years, suffered from severe back pain. His pain was so sever that he had endured 3 back surgeries over the 4 years prior to the incident.

7 Figure Settlement

Solo Vehicle Accident - Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Successfully obtained a confidential seven figure settlement with two insurance companies under the liability and underinsured provisions of the policies.


Medical Malpractice – Kaiser Arbitration Award

$400,000 arbitration award for wrongful death of a newborn and negligent infliction of emotional distress to the mother. 


Cancer Misdiagnosis

$1,100,000 settlement against Kaiser. 43 years old Sandy was seen by a physician at UCLA who noted a density in the right lower left area of her lungs and some questionable granulomas in an MRI and chest X-ray taken of her.


Prescription Error

$500,000 settlement in a wrongful death case. Jennifer, a wife and mother of three young children, had a history of suffering from migraine headaches.