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The Law Office of Mark J. Zanobini, P.C., is a San Francisco Bay Area law firm that focuses on cases in which medical and dental malpractice, car accidents, and defective products have caused serious life changing injuries or wrongful death.


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A serious injury can change your life.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident involving cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, trains, boats hot air balloons, aircraft, or while utilizing a ride share service such as Uber or Lyft


Medical and Dental Malpractice

Are you or a loved one suffering from brain injury, birth injuries, nerve palsy, misdiagnosis, poor implants or negligent treatment of medical conditions that is attributable to a medical professional


Premises Liability

Injured by the negligent maintenance of an unsafe condition on someone else’s property or due to the lack of adequate security at living facility


Admiralty & Maritime Law

Injured on the docks or in a boating accident as a passenger, worker, or tourist


Transportation Law

Injuries sustained while traveling in a bus, airplane, train, or any other form of public transit or any damages resulting from the improper use of drones


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Have you or a loved one been the object of abuse, neglect, or harassment by a care professional at a licensed nursing home, residential care facility, or assisted living facility


Product Defect

California consumers are protected from products that do not perform in the manner consistent with ordinary expectations of a reasonable user, products that have an unsafe design, and products that are unreasonably dangerous because of inadequate instructions regarding its uses or safety warnings.  Were you injured by a product that was designed in an unsafe manner or did not perform as expected?


Construction Accidents

Injured at a construction site? Constructions sites are filled with heavy dangerous machinery, buildings several stories with holes in the walls, ceilings, and floors, among many other dangerous conditions leaving construction workers at a greater risk of catastrophic injury.

Why Us?

High Speed Police Chase Accident

$622,500 settlement in an uninsured personal injury/wrongful death case. An appropriate recovery was obtained for all occupants of the vehicle.


Solo Vehicle Accident - Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Successfully obtained a confidential seven figure settlement with two insurance companies under the liability and underinsured provisions of the policies.

Medical Malpractice – Kaiser Arbitration Award

$400,000 arbitration award for wrongful death of a newborn and negligent infliction of emotional distress to the mother.


Failure to Monitor

$1,534,000. Medical malpractice/wrongful death. Decedent, age 44 years, suffered from severe back pain. His pain was so sever that he had endured 3 back surgeries over the 4 years prior to the incident.


Prescription Error

$500,000 settlement in a wrongful death case. Jennifer, a wife and mother of three young children, had a history of suffering from migraine headaches.



Cancer Misdiagnosis

$1,100,000 settlement against Kaiser. 43 years old Sandy was seen by a physician at UCLA who noted a density in the right lower left area of her lungs and some questionable granulomas in an MRI and chest X-ray taken of her.



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