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Practice Areas: Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a San Francisco Bay Area law firm, our office has represented a great number of clients with a variety of injuries suffered in both car accidents and motorcycle accidents. The San Francisco Bay Area is a dangerous place for both drivers and pedestrians. Several variables add to the danger here in San Francisco. The steep hills can add miles per hour to travel speed, and the beautiful sites and cityscapes can effect visibility and distract drivers. We see similar problems with drivers in the Oakland and Berkeley hills, Marin, San Mateo and throughout this unique area that is our home.

Disputes often arise over how an accident occurred. The more serious the injury and the greater the case value, in general, the more intense the dispute regarding who was at fault. We take great care to assess the needs of each case and consult with the best people in their field to help prove your case. We regularly work with accident reconstruction engineers and experts, surveyors for mapping and diagramming, photography experts, highway design experts and many more of the finest consultants in their respective areas.

The Law Office of Mark J. Zanobini specializes in serious injury work. Additionally, our experience in the area of medical and dental malpractice provides us additional insights into the depth of injuries that many lawyers do not grasp. We know, for example, that certain fractures may be on their way to healing having been set with hardware but we also know and evaluate questions such as whether the healed leg may now be different effecting movement and daily activities. Often hips, joints or the entire spine can be effected by an injury to a leg or foot. Dental injuries can cause TMJ dysfunction and further effect the neck and spine. Years of experience with medical cases can reveal subtle yet serious repercussions of injuries that can be missed by attorneys with a limited background in medical cases.

When you or a loved one is injured in an automobile accident, it is critical that you speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Clients injured in motor vehicle collisions need special attention. The Law Office of Mark J. Zanobini, understands the pressures of insurance claims, medical bills and physical injuries. We are experienced in engineering principles involved with automobile accident reconstruction, the medical issues presented by the dynamics of car crashes, and the ways in which automobiles are designed to protect their occupants. If you wait too long to talk with a lawyer, it is possible that evidence in your case may be lost or altered, witnesses may vanish, and memories may fade. When we accept your automobile accident injury claim, we immediately begin an investigation to secure and preserve evidence in your case.

Many people believe that claim resolution in automobile accidents is simple and easy, and that insurance companies simply pay. In fact, this is often not the case. In California, you must prove fault in a claim against another driver. This means that your lawyers must be well prepared not only to negotiate, but to bring your case to court.

Automobile accidents kill more than 42,000 people per year across the United States. In California, over 300,000 people per year are injured in automobile collisions. Because the minimum liability limits in California require only $15,000 per person of insurance coverage, your attorneys must understand how to investigate all avenues of loss, all available insurance coverage, and ways to collect above and beyond available insurance. We will negotiate with the responsible insurer, and if necessary, directly with the defendant, to reach a fair and just settlement.


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