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Practice Areas: Admiralty and Maritime Accidents

Just as in Railroad injuries, Federal Law provided special remedies for workers injured in maritime accidents. The Jones Act provides for full remedies for injured workers including, medical expenses, maintenance and cure, disability as well as compensation for human damages (pain and suffering). However, Maritime accidents don't just happen to those working on a seagoing vessel. They can happen to passengers on cruise ships and pleasure craft, as well as harbor workers. Injuries can be serious, even fatal -- and many accidents could have been prevented.

Admiralty law gives those who have been harmed the means to obtain compensation for their injuries, or for the loss of a family member. But these cases are complex: various federal and state laws may apply, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Where you were and what you were doing can make a huge difference in the case you can bring, and the recovery you are entitled to. Various parties may or may not be liable. Many injured people find that when it comes to maritime accidents, obstacles can be struck as easily in court as at sea.

Handling accidents that occur on or around water requires special expertise -- not just in the applicable laws, but in the way these incidents must be investigated and tried. It requires adherence to strict rules and knowing how to bring different kinds of cases, whether they involve seamen injuries caused by negligence (covered by the Jones Act), offshore injuries (occurring, for example, on oil and gas rigs), or pleasure boat accidents (requiring knowledge of the applicable Coast Guard regulations). It requires


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